Six Mile Lake is situated in Georgian Bay Township, in the District Municipality of Muskoka. Drive time from Toronto’s 401 and 400 highways is under two-hours. Highway 400 has been enlarged and upgraded with new safety features, so your drive will be much safer than other highways leading to Muskoka. Six Mile Lake has an abundance of fish species that include Small and Large Mouth Bass, Walleye, Perch, Pickerel, Muskellunge, Black Crapie and other species. The crystal clear blue waters have a pH balance of about 7.00 so the water is quite neutral and because of moderate levels of chlorophyll and phosphorus the lake is classified as mesotrophic. The water depth averages 28 feet to 35 feet with water depths reaching 175 feet on the east side of Battleship Island. In Cedar Nook Bay the depth is 100 feet in one place. Six Mile Lake is mostly road access now with only a few peninsulas that likely will never have a road due to the topography, cost and permits required. Buying on an island is a good way to cottage and an excellent way to meet your neighbours. I have both water and road access and I prefer the water access. Much more fun! Six Mile Lake has a very active cottage association that I have been proud to be a part of for more than 25 Years as Fire and Safety Person. On Six Mile Lake, there are firepumps located around the lake in case a fire occurs that is not wanted. Beautiful Six Mile Lake is absolutely the right place to invest and raise your family or retire and enjoy sailing, kayaking, fishing, exploring, snowmobile trails, the Crown Lands and most importantly the memories.